Friday, August 19, 2011


So I have been asked by Marian Hospital to be a part of their new commercial campaign. Sounds quite exciting! I have never been around this kind of environment before so it should be fun. I have been near photo shoots so I am guessing it will be similar. I will be playing myself but with a bit more drama to make it more interesting. It requires turning me back into a chemo patient with hair (hahaha) and makeup. I am looking at it from the artistic point of view. I have SO moved beyond that point in my life so I will allow myself to go back for the few hours needed to film this thing and then onward we go. We start filming next week - wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creativity and Family

I think of myself as a fairly creative person. I like to come up with new and different ideas for things - be it parties, decorating, advertising or choreography. What I have learned about myself lately is that my creative juices have a limited supply. Or perhaps it just needs to be focused on one thing at a time. My focus has been on The Edge for a few weeks now - comming up with creative ways to get people in the door. Several times over the last couple of weeks I sat down to choreograph some new songs and there was just nothing there. Blank. Finally, yesterday, I had a breakthrough. When the choreo comes it usually comes easily and yesterday I was able to come up with three new dances. The brain is so interesting. Why was I able to do this yesterday and not the day before? No rhyme or reason. I do know that I need to give myself some time and permission to not get it right on the first try.

On another note. I completely miss my family. They all gathered in Colorado about a week ago and it is rare that all eight of us along with my dad get to be together in the same place. My family is growing - new relationships and twin babies. I love them all so much. Generally I would say that family comes first - as it should - but I made a commitment to this business. In the beginning I said I would give it a year so that I could get it off the ground and then would be able to make that time for family. So this year, unfortunately, I will have to rely on phone calls and pictures. It will make seeing them the next time that much sweeter.