Friday, July 29, 2011

Working for God

This week has been extremely slow at the club. We have had numerous classes with only one person in them. We could let this get us down - make us wonder what we are doing wrong or even put us into a tailspin of doubt and regret - but we are not letting that happen. Those one-on-one classes have been enlightening. Not only have we been able to really get to know some new people on a personal level and listen to some amazing stories but we have been challenged to bring a personalized class to an individual. I think that perhaps these one-on-one classes were just what these people needed. Some exclusive time to themselves in a positive environment. We have been taking God's lead since this adventure started (though sometimes it is hard to let go) and He has led us to amazing places. With faith, love and a willingness to work hard I think we can accomplish anything. So for now I will give my 110% to everyone who walks through our door - be it one or one hundred - and I couldn't be more thankful for that one.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Such an incredibly hard emotion. Our beloved rabbit "Bugsy" died yesterday. Bugsy lived on the side of our house and to be honest I didn't see him that much. He was definitely Julia's rabbit. She would feed him daily and take excellent care of him. To the point of bringing books out to read to him and singing her latest favorite song to him. She talked quietly to him and had him trained to come to the sound of her voice. Yes he was well cared for by this adoring 10 year old girl.

Yesterday I bought a really good watermelon. We were eating it outside and I remembered that Bugsy loved watermelon rinds. Fortunately I was the one who went over there to see him and found him. God was watching over us because the chances of this happening are very slim. In fact I don't know why I didn't just ask Julia to take the rind over to him. John and Jack buried him in the back yard next to our old dog Jackie. Julia wrote a note to him and drew a picture. Most of all she cried. My super strong baby cried and cried and cried. It just wore her out. All I could do was hug her. Grief - it just has to run its course. It is hard, and it is hard for awhile but then it gets better. Bit by bit.

There has been talk at our house about goats, or pigs, or chickens........

Friday, July 22, 2011

New title

I am not so sure I how I feel about my new roll in our family..... working parent. I guess I never really thought that was what I was doing. I have always considered myself a "stay at home mom". I strongly hope that this title will be a temporary one. We will not be turning a profit anytime soon but I love our new baby of a company and hope that eventually it will thrive. Our goal is to get through this first year and then start letting the business run on its own... or somewhat on its own. Am I naive? I sincerely hope not. I want to be there for the water polo games and the band performances and the first break up with a boy or girl friend. I want to help dry the tears when a test doesn't go so well in high school or someone says something mean. Right now though I feel like every spare minute is being spent buying groceries or catching up on laundry. My poor husband - I need to be there for him too. More things to juggle. I think I can..... I think I can..... I think I can...... :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Times are changing

I woke up this morning to a quiet house. Jack had a Jr. Lifeguarding event that John drove him to at dark o'clock and Julia spent the night at a friends house. I suddenly had that panic feeling that in the not so distant future all of my mornings will be like that. I have always thought I would be OK with my children growing up and starting their own lives but just the tiniest little glimmer of that reality put me into a tailspin. On top of that my sister gave birth to twins today. Very exciting! All are well and resting. I so wish I could be there with her (she lives in Colorado) and see those beautiful little faces (a boy and a girl!). The thought of it brought me right back to when my own kids were born. That instant and so incredibly intense love affair. Another reminder - especially now - that it is important to slow down and enjoy the people we love.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


This is really all we have in life. It doesn't matter who we know, what we do, how much money we have, or what mountains we have climbed. If we don't have those deep relationships and someone to share it with it doesn't mean a thing. This has become abundantly clear to me now that we are off and running in our new business. I want to have a connection with every single person that walks in the door. My biggest satisfaction is seeing someone happy after taking a class and knowing they will feel good all day because if it. Relationships take work and dedication. Sometimes it is hard to nurture all of the relationships we have. The one I struggle most with is my relationship with God. It is also the most valuable. At the end of the day for me it is about the people in my life and my relationship with God that give my life meaning. It is also what keeps me happy and content and looking at the positive in life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dreams and Reality

There is a fine line between dreams and reality. I think it is just a choice to make it happen. A decision. The ability to jump without looking back. In your dreams you don't see the little stuff. The work it takes to make it a reality. The minor frustrations along the way. You also don't see the surprises and small accomplishments that go along with it too. I am beyond thankful to be living a dream. I have so many people (too many to name) that helped make this a reality but I am overwhelmingly appreciative and humbled by all of you. The doors are open and I can't wait to really start giving it back.