Friday, July 22, 2011

New title

I am not so sure I how I feel about my new roll in our family..... working parent. I guess I never really thought that was what I was doing. I have always considered myself a "stay at home mom". I strongly hope that this title will be a temporary one. We will not be turning a profit anytime soon but I love our new baby of a company and hope that eventually it will thrive. Our goal is to get through this first year and then start letting the business run on its own... or somewhat on its own. Am I naive? I sincerely hope not. I want to be there for the water polo games and the band performances and the first break up with a boy or girl friend. I want to help dry the tears when a test doesn't go so well in high school or someone says something mean. Right now though I feel like every spare minute is being spent buying groceries or catching up on laundry. My poor husband - I need to be there for him too. More things to juggle. I think I can..... I think I can..... I think I can...... :)

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