Saturday, July 9, 2011


This is really all we have in life. It doesn't matter who we know, what we do, how much money we have, or what mountains we have climbed. If we don't have those deep relationships and someone to share it with it doesn't mean a thing. This has become abundantly clear to me now that we are off and running in our new business. I want to have a connection with every single person that walks in the door. My biggest satisfaction is seeing someone happy after taking a class and knowing they will feel good all day because if it. Relationships take work and dedication. Sometimes it is hard to nurture all of the relationships we have. The one I struggle most with is my relationship with God. It is also the most valuable. At the end of the day for me it is about the people in my life and my relationship with God that give my life meaning. It is also what keeps me happy and content and looking at the positive in life.

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