Friday, July 29, 2011

Working for God

This week has been extremely slow at the club. We have had numerous classes with only one person in them. We could let this get us down - make us wonder what we are doing wrong or even put us into a tailspin of doubt and regret - but we are not letting that happen. Those one-on-one classes have been enlightening. Not only have we been able to really get to know some new people on a personal level and listen to some amazing stories but we have been challenged to bring a personalized class to an individual. I think that perhaps these one-on-one classes were just what these people needed. Some exclusive time to themselves in a positive environment. We have been taking God's lead since this adventure started (though sometimes it is hard to let go) and He has led us to amazing places. With faith, love and a willingness to work hard I think we can accomplish anything. So for now I will give my 110% to everyone who walks through our door - be it one or one hundred - and I couldn't be more thankful for that one.

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