Monday, September 7, 2015

Want a brand new Tesla?

Imagine that perfect car.  The one you have always dreamt about.  Picture it in your head.  Now imagine going for a test drive.  You slide into the drivers side and sink into the seat.  It fits like a glove.  You take a deep breath and smell that new car smell.  The leather seats are soft and luxurious.  You turn the ignition and hear the soft purr of the engine. Turn on the stereo and your favorite song is playing through crystal clear speakers.  You put it in drive and head out.  Carefully at first but then you settle in.  It's like this car was made for you - it's everything you imagined it would be.  You feel the freedom of the open road and it takes all of your willpower to reluctantly turn around and bring the car back.

The sales person says "so what did you think?".   You have always admired this car from afar but after being in it and driving it for a bit you really want to own it.  You look at the sticker price - a significant investment.  This purchase isn't an easy one.  You will have to sacrifice a few things in order to obtain the car.  So you punch some numbers and decide it is worth it.

This is one of the biggest investments you have ever made.  You realize you must take care of something you have invested so much into.  You wash it, do regular maintenance, fix little problems before they become big problems.  You really appreciate this car - what it provides.  How it makes you feel.

This car gives
you freedom.  Freedom to travel and move from one place to another in complete luxury.  It makes you feel accomplished and worthy.  It provides a comfortable, safe place as you move through your day.  It provides excitement and stability.

Now imagine that car is your body.  Re-read the above with that mind set.

How much more important to your life is your body than a car.  Is there any comparison?  What are you willing to put in to maintain good health or achieve better health?  We spend money, time and energy on cell phones, TVs, cars and pumpkin spiced lattes without much thought.  Why do we not spend it on the one thing keeping us alive?

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