Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

OK so this is the way it is going to be.....You only get a couple of words today and tomorrow maybe some pictures. I have waaaaaaaay too much to do!!!!

Make -up
Black lights
scary music

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am hoping my new imac will arrive tomorrow - the problem with that is I will then be required to take more pictures. This should be a good thing. I have always been awful at taking them. You would think that having my father own a professional photo lab throughout my childhood and having access to free film and processing would have given me the bug to shoot up a storm but I think it had the opposite effect (warning: I am the queen of run-on sentences). People seemed to assume that I actually knew how to take a picture. I know how to process film, and I could tell you how to fix an exposure etc but to actually compose a beautiful image.....that takes a special talent. Maybe with a bit of practice I will improve. I feel I am doing a disservice to my children and my older self by not taking more pictures. I could be a Kodak commercial. The camera battery is charging as I write this so put on a good face starting tomorrow because my daily documentation may involve pictures of you!!!! The good thing about being on my side of the camera is there will be NO pictures of me ;)!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hump Day

Yes it is Wednesday and only two more days until favorite holiday. Yes, I finally said it. No, it is not Christmas or Thanksgiving, Easter or the Forth of July. None of those meaningful holidays. It is Halloween. Perhaps it all stems from the fact that I love candy, or maybe it is because I love pretending I am someone else. The idea that I can outwardly be a mean and awful witch for one day and people think it is funny, not rude or think I have PMS, is pretty rewarding. Maybe it is simply that there is absolutely no deep thinking involved in it at all and it is just a play day. Whatever the reason I am prepared to finally admit that this is my favorite holiday and I am no longer ashamed to admit it.

On another note I am praying that you and the rest of my family will remain healthy. I am now getting over a minor cold and had fun slinging snot around the group fitness room with Stephen last night (he also has a cold). More often than not we have a sick child on Halloween and that is no fun at all. We are also leaving for Mexico in 11 days so good health would be exceptionally nice now. Keep washing your hands and limit the sugar intake (if you can) and eat your veggies.

I can't wait to post some pics on here!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So John told me last night he doesn't think I will be able to write on this blog every day........sounds like a challenge to me!

I had a great day yesterday. Completely spoiled by my friends with gifts, lunch, french fries (yum!), home made ice cream sandwiches, and babysitting. I went out with John for dinner and we had a nice time. My Family woke me up with breakfast in bed and home made cards telling me how beautiful I am (what can be better than that?). John also gave me a new Mac computer but it is not here yet. This is very unfortunate because I just tried to put some pictures on here and I am unable to do it with this dinosaur computer. You will just have to be satisfied with my pathetic prose until the package comes......maybe Friday?

I am trying to compile a list of things I want to do BEFORE I turn 40. Things to take me out of my comfort zone. This might be hard to do because I am pretty comfortable with most things. If you have any ideas I am open to them. Here are a few I have come up with.....

Participate in the Breast Cancer walk
Volunteer at Peoples Kitchen
Backpack with the family in Yosemite
Learn how to surf
Ride in a hot air balloon (I have always wanted to do this)
Learn how to cook a gourmet meal
Change the oil in my car.....(Andy help!)
Manage people (school, church, work function - this scares me to death!)

Ideas anyone?

Have a great day and if you are living close to me enjoy the softness of the fog and the quiet peacefulness of a fall day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Birthday!

Today is my 39Th Birthday. That I am alive and healthy and happy and blessed is a true miracle in every sense of the word. Today I count my blessings. Today I thank God for his presence in my life, for my strong and unwavering faith He has blessed me with from a very young age. I thank Him for the countless gifts I receive from Him on a daily basis. I thank Him for being my Best friend, my True Provider, my Example. I thank Him for loving me with all 39 years of my sins.

I thank Him for my amazing Husband. My soul mate. The man I never expected to find when I moved to Hawaii. The man who provides me with the most amazing life. The one I find comfort with when I lay down to go to sleep. The one who accepts me with all of my flaws and still wraps his arms around me in the morning when I haven't brushed my teeth. The man who still makes me laugh on a daily basis. He helped make our beautiful children, he is an incredible father and such a perfect friend. He is my stability and my rock. I love him.

I thank Him for our children. How can these little humans become more beautiful every day? How can someone so small teach us so much? I thank Him for the dirty diapers, the sleepless nights, the endless crying, the contagious laughter, the funny and profound comments. I thank Him for letting me see a glimpse of Him every time I look in their eyes. I thank Him for their health and their safety. I love them.

I thank Him for my family. My mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. The ones who are here and the ones who have gone. The ones I was born with and the ones He brought to me later. I have abundant love for all of these beautiful people. Our differences make life exciting and I pray for the day our world can see through its differences and find that love for all.

I thank him for my friends. Everywhere we have moved He has given me these amazing people who transform my world. They are unique, and insightful and loving. They bring me peace and offer me things I could never ask for. I love them all.

All of these are gifts from Him. Too many to name. They are all so incredible and they unquestionably prove His existance. His love is overwhelming and my heart wants to explode. I thank Him for my 39 years. I thank Him for every second of every day.