Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hump Day

Yes it is Wednesday and only two more days until favorite holiday. Yes, I finally said it. No, it is not Christmas or Thanksgiving, Easter or the Forth of July. None of those meaningful holidays. It is Halloween. Perhaps it all stems from the fact that I love candy, or maybe it is because I love pretending I am someone else. The idea that I can outwardly be a mean and awful witch for one day and people think it is funny, not rude or think I have PMS, is pretty rewarding. Maybe it is simply that there is absolutely no deep thinking involved in it at all and it is just a play day. Whatever the reason I am prepared to finally admit that this is my favorite holiday and I am no longer ashamed to admit it.

On another note I am praying that you and the rest of my family will remain healthy. I am now getting over a minor cold and had fun slinging snot around the group fitness room with Stephen last night (he also has a cold). More often than not we have a sick child on Halloween and that is no fun at all. We are also leaving for Mexico in 11 days so good health would be exceptionally nice now. Keep washing your hands and limit the sugar intake (if you can) and eat your veggies.

I can't wait to post some pics on here!!!!!


joy said...

mexico is in 11 days?! i forgot you were going. i'll be praying for good health for all. does sugar really affect your health? interesting. although, by that theory, i should be a very sick puppy--all the time!

Glenn said...

I am so glad you finally admitted it..I bet you feel like a big load has been lifted off your shoulders! ; )

(this is julie by the way, not glenn, ignore that!)