Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am hoping my new imac will arrive tomorrow - the problem with that is I will then be required to take more pictures. This should be a good thing. I have always been awful at taking them. You would think that having my father own a professional photo lab throughout my childhood and having access to free film and processing would have given me the bug to shoot up a storm but I think it had the opposite effect (warning: I am the queen of run-on sentences). People seemed to assume that I actually knew how to take a picture. I know how to process film, and I could tell you how to fix an exposure etc but to actually compose a beautiful image.....that takes a special talent. Maybe with a bit of practice I will improve. I feel I am doing a disservice to my children and my older self by not taking more pictures. I could be a Kodak commercial. The camera battery is charging as I write this so put on a good face starting tomorrow because my daily documentation may involve pictures of you!!!! The good thing about being on my side of the camera is there will be NO pictures of me ;)!!!!!!

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joy said...

uh, whatever! have you seen my last post? lots of self-portraits. your readers will demand some self shots, so beware! the good thing is that you get to decide which ones to post. the iphoto has great editing--it's super easy.