Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy Weekend

As a spur of the moment decision John and I went down to Ventura Friday night to meet his surfing buddy from Costa Rica and his wife. The kids both happened to have overnights planned and John's friend Joe really wanted to see him. It was a short trip but ended up being really fun. I was very reluctant to go because I knew that I would be hanging out with Joe's wife Holly the whole time while the boys surfed and I had never even met her. Turns out she was really fun and reminded me a lot of my good friend Sally. She was tall (as tall as me) and loved to eat and laugh (my kind of girl). We had great mexican food and this strange restaurant that had Elvis pictures all over the walls and bras hanging from the ceiling. The drive back home was one of the most beautiful I have been on. The sun was just right and the grapevines were full of color - everything looked crisp and right out of a movie.

Sunday our neighbor from across the street brought some tri-tip steak over so John fired up the bbq and invited a few more neighbors over. People kept bringing wine and we kept drinking it. 5 hours and 9 bottles of wine later we were all ready to call it a night. Let me tell you, getting up at 5am this morning to teach a class was not very fun. Hope your weekend was good!


joy said...

yikes girlfriend! you had to get up at 5?!!! ouch. yesterday was fun. thanks!

Sally said...

I am SO excited to see you. Almost time to start counting down. :-)