Saturday, March 26, 2011


My little brother (who now towers over me) came to visit for a couple of days from Seattle. He brought his long time girlfriend Anna with him and we were all very excited to meet her. She is just a complete doll - I could not have picked a more perfect person for my brother Ryan. She is sweet, interesting, smart and beautiful. It was wonderful to see them both so happy. They came down to try and get some sun here in California after weeks of rain up north. Unfortunately the rain followed them all the way down the coast and is following them right back up there. I guess when they finally do get to enjoy the sun it will be that much sweeter. My kids fell in love with both of them and before they left Ryan spent some time teaching them guitar and piano. They both were also amazing sports and came to a dance party I helped teach at the gym. Now that is true sibling love. I love you Ryan! I was so happy and excited that you were coming to visit and I enjoyed every minute with you and Anna. I hope we can see each other often - maybe next time in your neck of the woods:)

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Sally said...

That's so great! This made me smile more than anything I've read in a long time. I'm glad your visit was so good - I love the picture! I really will call you this week... I promise!!! I miss talking to you!!!