Friday, April 8, 2011

"There's no place like home"

We are lucky enough to have an amazing news anchor here in my home town. Her name is Jeanette Trompeter and she has a very fun segment that she calls "There's no place like home". In fact awhile back I was featured in one of these segments as she talked about the amazing support this community provides - although we are small, we are mighty.

This is spring break for my children. Most of their friends have ventured off into vacation land - Hawaii, Yosemite, Palm Springs etc. We decided to not go anywhere. We thought about taking a trip up to San Francisco or Monterey or maybe heading south to Santa Barbara - but when it came right down to it....why? We have everything we could ever want and more right here. We spent 2 full days at the beach where they could boogie board, grab a hot dog and a shave ice and admire the view and soak up the sun. We spent a day cruising around town and enjoying a delicious lunch. We saw a great movie yesterday as the rain fell. Everywhere we go we see a familiar face, a kind smile, someone saying "oh no, please - you go first". Why would we ever leave?

Last night a dear friend of mine held a fundraiser at his hair salon. All of the money went to a family whose mother/wife is on her third round of chemotherapy for breast cancer. The line went around the block - over $10,000 was raised. That is just good people looking out for other good people.

I am proud to live here. I am blessed to live here. This town is part of our family. If I never set foot outside of this county again I will still be a happy person. There truly is "no place like home".

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jeanette said...

Aunt it the truth. Ain't it the truth! Love it Kristen.
My heart was singing last night too! Blessed we are.