Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about this lately - the reason for which you will find out soon. When people describe something as "risky" what are they really saying. Financially risky? Emotionally risky? Physically risky? You go through a lot of that when you are dealing with health issues. Constantly weighing the risk/benefit ratio. Then you have to ask - who is it risky for? Is it strictly personal? Will whatever you are considering be risky to others? What happens if you don't take the risk? Notice a recurring theme here? Lots of question marks. That is what I think it really boils down to. When you are taking a risk it is risky because you don't have the answers. You don't yet know the outcome. This can sometimes be scary and sometimes be exciting - or both. All I know is that it gets your blood pumping a little faster and your mind working a little harder and that can't be all bad right?