Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We went to church last night and I just loved our priest's homily. We have had a lot of rain here lately and he mentioned how most of us have been going about our business getting ready for Christmas when many people woke up one morning to massive amounts of mud. Just like in life - we sometimes are confronted with mud. Annoying or frustrating ......or devastating mud. It is dirty and ugly and not easy to avoid. He reminded us that we ALL have moments with mud in our lives but we also have someone with us to help us deal with it. How wonderful to know that we are never alone. Christmas takes that sometimes seemingly unreachable God and makes Him this very accessible beautiful and perfect baby. God reached out His hand - He let us see it - He only wants us to grab hold and trust.

I hope your Christmas is full of trust and faith and love. I hope this next year you find your path free of mud. I hope every minute of every day feels like a miracle and a chance to do amazing things. Merry Christmas my friends - I am unbelievably thankful for every one of you.

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