Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The big bad wolf and the 3 little pigs

I have a new version of this story. I am not the neatest of people - I tend to move from one thing to the next and not really care what I leave in my wake. I eventually clean things up and I am not a pack rat but having things "just so" is not very high on my priority list. Unfortunately I think I bred this into my children. Like little chicks (or little piggies) they are following right in their mother's footsteps.

So here we are - the three little pigs - going about our day with smiles on our faces (and messes in every corner) when suddenly the very neat and tidy wolf comes in from his home office. He takes one look around and with a huff and a puff questions what in the world we have been doing all day. It is then that the piggies hop to it and start tidying things up (but not without a few complaints from the little piggies).

I feel bad for the wolf. He works so hard all day and all he really wants is a clean house - not much more than that. I am not quite sure why it is so hard to comply with this request. I could blame my own mother - I followed in her footsteps and my poor father would come home from work and all he wanted was a clean house too - but with 8 children running around that was almost an impossibility. I wont blame her though - I take complete responsibility for my actions. This is my New Year's resolution. Try to re-program myself and my children to leave a place in proper order. Wish me luck - 41 years of programming is hard to undo.


Sally said...

We're doing the same thing. We're trying a "clean up for 15 minutes" every night before bed... so far it's amazing what just that 15 minutes will accomplish. Things don't get nearly so bad.

Theres just life said...

Same thing here only I have 53 years to un-program. All Jack has ever said he wants is a clean house, how the heck did he wind up with me. But I love him so for him I will try. So I will join you in your resolution.
Wish us both luck.