Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Had fun hangin' with some of my favorite peeps last night and danced till my feet hurt. Had to fight back tears when the ball dropped and put an end to 2010. Thankfully I was in my favorite place - my husband's arms. Let's hope 2011 is a year of good health, discovery, prosperity, gratitude, happiness and love for all of us.


joy said...

Happy New Year! I certainly pray we have a less eventful year, but the Lord knows best. Love you, Kris!

Sally said...

I love Julia's little face peeking through the back there. :-) Happy New Year! I was going to say good riddance to 2010, and although it wasn't a fun year, it was amazing, and taught us all many lessons, and even with all the hard stuff it strangely wasn't a BAD year... it's hard to know how to feel about it, really. Anyway, I'm with Joy and hoping for a less eventful 2011.