Monday, January 10, 2011


What is our true identity? How do we define it?

Over the weekend someone stole our credit card number. They created an actual card with our number on it and went around to all of the pharmacies in Ohio and racked up quite a bill. Fortunately the credit card company caught it so our only frustration is waiting for our new cards and changing accounts over. You could say that these people stole our identity - I never really thought about the ads and all of the hoopla around this but now I really question the verbiage.

I don't think our identity can be defined by a number or a name or even how we look. Numbers are numbers. Many people have the same name. A lot of people look similar. So, who we really are must be determined by what is inside of us. Our character. That is what is so unique. The crazy make-up of mind and soul that God created in us. It is practically impossible to compare two people in this manner. I know that someone who barely knows me would view me quite differently from the way my husband or my children would view me. I think we are only truly known by God and ourselves. We are the ones that know the depths of our souls - and no one can steal that.

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joy said...

thankfully nobody can steal that! i'm so sorry your credit card number was stolen!