Monday, January 31, 2011

Home is where the heart is.....

and my heart has been in Holland and Germany. John had to travel there for work for 9 days. It was cold and dreary and he had a very nasty cold. As a result we all felt his pain and missed him immensely. He flew into LAX Saturday night and fell asleep at his Mom's house. He surprised us Sunday morning by showing up at 7am - he never looked so good.

Sometimes it takes that distance to make you realize what you have. We are so blessed that John works so hard and has such a great job and provides for us the way he does. His working hours have become longer and longer as his job has become more demanding. I know there are many aspects of his job that he loves and enjoys but part of it is just plain time consuming and methodical. There are many days where he comes in from his office - joins us for dinner - then heads back out there. Something else to be grateful for - the fact that he can come in the house and join us for dinner and not have to "stay" at the "office". The fact that he even has a job is a huge blessing when so many do not.

I love that his job makes this world a more beautiful place by bringing flowers to everyone. He is my flower guy and I love him.

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julie pickett said...

can he get us a good deal on flowers for a wedding??