Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I think we get very comfortable in what we know we like. Sometimes it is hard to try new things. I often hear from people that there is NO exercise that they enjoy. I could almost guarantee that they have not tried everything but they are resolved to leave it at that. I hear things like "I am not coordinated enough" or "I tried that once and hated it". We also have to give ourselves a little bit of time to get adjusted to new things. We tell the people in our classes at the gym to give themselves at least 3 chances to fall in love with the class. I never would have thought I would enjoy teaching kick-boxing but once I tried it - I kind of liked it. It took almost a year for me to love it. Most of the things I do now and love are things I never would have thought I would enjoy.

I encourage you to think of some things that you can try that are new. It doesn't have to be exercise - but maybe something you are a little bit scared to do.

Sometimes we get so comfortable in our "houses" that we forget there is a whole world just outside of the door. Try opening a few doors and let the fresh air in.

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