Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Days = Good Days

I have found - especially while I am trying to lose a few lbs - that drawing from the ol' memory bank has some benefits. Instead of feeling like I am denying myself food and getting upset about it I think about the days in my past that I felt really good about myself. Usually it was when I was feeling healthy and in shape. I try and re-create that feeling and the cravings for chips and cookies lessen. Sometimes that is the only motivation I need.

It is hard for me to call on those memories - especially because I like living in the now - but I find it is worth it. I think we can apply this concept in all areas of our lives. If we are feeling sad we can call on those times when we were most happy and use that to create a positive environment for growth. No matter where we are in life and what challenges are in front of us we have a choice. We can make the best of it and choose to look at it in a positive way or not.

So, I am thinking back to when I was 20 and running around the beaches of Hawaii in my bikini - the warm sun and fresh mangos. I may never look like that again but who cares I know I will "feel" like that again and that is what matters.

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