Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your "thang"

I think it is so cool that we all have such different dreams and desires. We were built to compliment each other. With life sometimes getting quite stressful I think it is important to find that one thing (or thang) that makes us feel calm. Confident. Peaceful. I know quite a few people who love to sew. They could spend hours figuring out just what they want to make - picking out the fabric - and laboriously creating a piece of art. I, myself, would much rather pour Tabasco in my eye. Sewing has no appeal to me - it stresses me out and I usually end up creating a piece of crap rather than a piece of art. My husband loves to work in the yard (although he might not tell you that). The picking and pruning and planting give him immediate satisfaction and the physical labor of it makes him feel good. My "thang" (or one of them) is painting - and I don't mean Monet. I enjoy painting color..... with straight lines. I can only imagine how most of you feel about that. How incredibly boring, time consuming and frustrating this "chore" must seem. But no, I love it. I like to paint without taping the edges. I paint my straight lines freehand. It can take me an hour to paint the line around the ceiling of a bathroom - but I love it. I think it is important that we make time to not only find our "thang" but make time to actually do it. I would be happy to paint a room of yours and I am sure I have some pillows you could sew for me ;) We would all be happy.

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