Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chemo brain.....

I am wondering when (if) chemo brain will go away. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who also had chemo this past year and we were quite comical. There were a lot of "what's that girls name?" and "what did he say?". Memory is a funny thing when you put poison in the mix.

It really comes and goes too. Some days I feel very clear headed - I can remember all of my choreography and people's names - but other days are bad. I often forget names of people I know really well. I have to tell my brain to remember and I usually do but it takes work. On Tuesday I taught one of the worst classes of my career - then last night I taught a great class.

So, if you are one of the people who happens to take a class with me. Bare with me. I am trying. I hope it gets better - and I am sorry if your name slips my mind. I still love you!


joy said...

:) Hi my name is Joy. But you can call me Amy. Or, I do answer to Kim as well. I'm your neighbor! Call me and we'll do lunch sometime. Or I'll call you. I don't have chemo brain but I do have 3 kids. I have trouble remembering things, too.

Serena said...

Hi There!
I signed up to follow your blog last year but have not been by to visit for a while. Very glad that you are doing well and beginning 2011 with a fresh new purpose. And I LOVE your new purpose. I too am determined to share my purpose with the world at large. LOL!

In ENTERING THE CASTLE by Caroline Myss she writes that the purpose of our physical life is to "unleash the power of your soul upon Earth" (p.85). I so appreciate that concept, it rings true to me.

Would you be interested in sharing your blog on some inspirational print products? I am currently working on developing the products and finding a market for them. I think your story of courage and strength and positivity is imminently shareable. I'm not ready to launch yet, but please give it some thought.

I'll stay in touch. My best wishes for your good health :)