Monday, February 14, 2011

Look for the Love

So many people hate Valentine's Day. Maybe they are just too focused on what they don't have. I get overwhelmed by the love that surrounds us. God's love is so apparent - the beauty of every flower, the color of the sky, the warm sun - His amazing mercy. A lot has happened in our life this past year. I was just as overwhelmed then as I am now. Love is everywhere - we just have to open our eyes to it.


Matt Decell said...

What a crazy journey you've been on. Along the way you found a new insight on life, love, and happiness. You've taken an experience that can cause such misery and stress on a family and came through with an incredible level of grace, elegance, and strength. You have shown so many the true way to fight this battle. I hope many have learned from what you've shared. I know I have and I thank you.

Serena said...

Ditto to what Matt said. You are the epitome of GRACE!