Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their Father's Day today. What a unique and wonderful job it is to be a father. John adds a whole new dimension to our children's personality. He offers things I just can't provide. The silliness and roughhousing combined with a strong sense of security and expectation give our children such a well rounded look at life. John teaches them to have fun and work hard. He teaches them to be leaders and expect great things from themselves. When he travels for work there is a big hole in the house that is impossible to fill.

I have really come to appreciate my own father even more these past couple of months. My father opened his own business when I was very young. He built it up from a small shop to a large company. As I am preparing to open my own business I have come to appreciate what it takes to make that leap. I have been doing a lot of hands on labor at our location. My business partner Suzanne and I have had a lot of laughs as we try to maneuver through assemblies and installations. She asked me "where did you learn all of this stuff?" and my answer was clearly "my dad". I remember spending hours just hanging out by his side as he built counter tops and tables and fixed the car and built our deck. Those were the best times. Just being with him. I would hand him the screwdriver or whatever tool he needed. My siblings and I would sometimes fight over who would do that job. I didn't realize at the time in the quiet of just being with him how much he was teaching me. Patients. Determination. Doing your best.

Later, when I was older, I worked for my dad. We would often have lunch together and discuss how to make the company better. I didn't realize then how much I would appreciate him putting faith in me. He didn't have to ask my opinion but he did. He wanted it. He empowered me to have confidence and think for myself. He gave me the tools to do what I am doing right now. Thank you Papa. Even though we live are apart you are never far from my thoughts. I am so happy you are in my life. I love you very, very much!


Theres just life said...

Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man and roll model, and so does your husband.

Have a great day.

Pamela Jo

Joanie said...

Oh, Kristin, your first paragraph is exactly what I tried to say to my husband the other day. There is just something about their role in our children's lives! Thank you for sharing your eloquence. I'll see you at the Edge soon!