Friday, June 3, 2011

Take it to "THE EDGE"!

I can officially announce what I have been up to now! My dear friend Suzanne and I are opening our own fitness studio - it is called "The Edge" (doesn't it look like the edge?)!

After realizing recently that we had both dreamed of this it became an easy decision to do it together. We only live this life once and as much as I really love working where I work my need to do so many other things that go along with that has helped me make this jump. We will be offering classes for kids - Zumbatomic - and birthday parties. With obesity on the rise we want even those non-sports kids to have a way to move their bodies. We will take every passion that we both have and bring it to our schedule ( Zumba, BodyFlow, Pilates, bootcamps, etc). We will have classes for one of our favorite age groups - those lucky enough to be retired - and many classes for our fellow moms that just need to have some "me" time. I can't wait to have all kinds of fundraisers and community outreach programs! Our club will be our new family and we want you all to come to dinner. No intimidation - just throw on your sweats and come on over! We are charging on a per class basis so no memberships required. I have many details to share in the next few weeks but for now we are just trying to make our opening day goal - July 1st. The party that evening will be OFF THE HOOK!!!!!

So here is to living your dreams and loving life. You don't know until you try right?


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Congratulations to the both of you!! What a fantastic next step. I can't wait to check it out when I'm back in the area. Cheers to you for living life!!!