Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have been bidding on several items lately and can't seem to win anything. One of them is a used camera identical to the one that just broke. It amazes me that this nice camera was given to me for my birthday several years ago and was over $200. It was a great camera at the time with 5.0 mega pixels. Now with newer cameras that are more than double that my camera on eBay is going for around $50 (less than it would be to actually have it fixed). I have been perfectly happy with my camera and can still use the battery, memory card and case. The problem is that I believe there is a way on eBay to bid at the very last second in order to win (without actually doing it - eBay does it for you). I don't know how to do this but every time I get close to winning something a final bid comes in with only 10 seconds left that just beats me. This must be how people are making money on eBay - buying and then turning it around to sell it again. I am also trying to win a gift for Jack for Christmas and time is running out. This item is selling it stores for much more than they are going for of eBay. Maybe I need to take an eBay class and become more eBay savvy.

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