Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Posse

My dear friend Stephen gave me a book called "Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor". I have to admit I was apprehensive to read it at first but dug in on the plane ride home. It made me feel better and empowered. In the book she recommends surrounding yourself with your posse. If you are reading this you are definitely in my posse - a select group of people I have chosen to share this journey with and who I trust will lift me and my family up and encourage us every step of the way. I feel filled up with the love that comes from family. Sharing Christmas with both John's Mom and Alex and almost my entire family in Colorado was a much needed super boost that will carry me a long way. I also spent quality time with my dear friend Sally that has been my cheerleader since the second she found out. She and my family will cheer me on from afar and my amazing local friends will be stuck with some of the nitty gritty that I may not thank them for at the time but am thanking them now. God placed all of you in my life perfectly for this moment and I know it will bring us all closer and shed a different light on what is important in life.

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