Sunday, December 20, 2009

Julia's corner

Julia brought this poem home from school the other day. They were suppose to write something that said what Christmas meant to them. She was the only one in the class who wrote a poem. This is completely unedited.

The Real Meaning of Christmas

As you try to fall asleep on Christmas night,
You wonder what presents might lie.
But why we get the presents you might want to know.
If so, sit back and enjoy the show.
It's about giving, sharing,
Joseph, Jesus and of course, Mary.
As they waited in the barn for their child,
They were cold out in the wild.
Out came Jesus into a cradle that sways
And that's only part of why we have Christmas Day.
It's for his birthday that we all care.
We have presents so that he can share.
We celebrate all of these days,
So we can live in God's way.
The true meaning of Christmas, it's not hard to do.
Just follow these steps and he will love you.

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joy said...

oh that julia! such a sweet heart. we love her.