Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great people!

We had a super fun company party at our house last night. I spent the better part of the day putting up decorations and cleaning because earlier in the week I was at the doctor with Julia and then Jack (they are both doing better now). The house ended up looking great even though we decided not to get a Christmas tree (since we are going to Colorado) and I did some unique decorating. We all played Rockband, roasted marshmallows outside on the fire pit and had a gift exchange. Our last guests left at 1:30am so I think that is a good indication that the party was a hit. Unfortunately someone picked up my camera and started taking pictures and dropped it. I had some good shots but my camera in now completely broken :( Jack is asking for one from Santa this year so maybe I will be borrowing his if he gets one. I now realize how much I actually use it.

On another note, Julia had her first voice lesson yesterday. She is so completely excited and her teacher is fantastic! I didn't actually meet her but John did and she learned so much in the short half hour. We were having second thoughts about it because it is a bit pricey but now we know it is worth every penny to see the smile on that little girls face.

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trulyjulie said...

Sounds like a blast! Wish I could have been there!