Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best of both worlds

So I do actually read other people's blogs quite often. One of my favorites is the Noble Pig - I get great recipes from her and they are usually easy. I was making pumpkin bars with carmel frosting and crumbled bacon on top (yum) but I didn't cook the carmel frosting long enough. It ended up runny. I started over but kept the carmel in hopes of finding some other use for it. If nothing else I could put it on ice cream. BUT I found another great recipe on Pioneer Woman (great site) - sticky buns. I used the carmel from the first recipe to make them. Delicious!!!! Thanks Joy for sharing these blogs with me!

If you are wondering why they are on a paper plate it is because I brought them to my plastic surgeons office today.... If you want me to make you some you better start workin' on that medical degree :)


joy said...

I only did that so you'd make delicious food and feed it to me. Muhahaha--my evil plan worked! Except...I didn't get to taste the cinnamon rolls. Darn.

Erick said...

Sounds healthy.