Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Thanks" "Giving"

I have so many BIG things to be thankful for this year - you all know what they are - but here are a few of the small things.

Clean sheets - the smell, the feel - ahhhhh.

Mail - I love getting the mail - email - regular mail. I don't care what it is but it feels like getting a present.

Comfortable shoes - when your feet are happy so are you.

The warmth of the sun on your back on a cold day.


Hot coffee in the morning - (hand delivered by your husband - the best!)

Happy Endings - I hate reading books that don't end well - I need them to be nice and tidy and good.



The feel of a good piece of chocolate as you bite into it, feel the snap, and let it melt on your tongue.

A working car.

The joy of giving someone something - a gift, time, labor - and watching their face as they enjoy it.

The smell of my husbands clothes.

The sound of my extended family on the other end of the phone line.

Hugs from my children that last a bit longer than expected.


What are you thankful for this year?

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