Monday, November 15, 2010

What to wear?

We are figuring out what to wear as we walk this coming weekend. This is my PBAC tank top I am planning on wearing at least one of the days - paying tribute to all of you who donated to the walk. I know that several people donated to the walk but somehow did not make it on my page - if so - thank you so much and I am sorry your name is not on my list (the list came straight from Susan G). Please let me know if this happened to you so I can thank you properly! Thank you also to those who have kept me and are keeping me in your prayers. I know times are tough these days and this might be one of those years where your gifts come in ways other than monetarily. I appreciate it all so much - the encouragement, support, and love. I will have you all in my heart as I walk. When I don't think I can take another step it will be you that lifts me up and carries me to the finish line.

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