Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I saw Dr. Wonderful for a follow - up appointment and also my Oncologist who I will call Dr. Amazing. I enjoy Dr. Wonderful's company so much I am glad that we have become friends outside of breast cancer. I don't have another appointment scheduled with her and I think I will just see her professionally once a year so I will now have to find another way to enjoy her company. Lunch dates or shopping - I am not complaining.

I saw Dr. Amazing for the first time since my surgery and we both did the happy dance when he walked in the door. Both of us were smiling from ear to ear - happy with the results (I couldn't stop hugging him). He told me he couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. In fact he said that the bit of cancer that had survived the chemo was really slow growing, beginning stage cancer that never would have responded to chemo and just needed to be cut out - and it was. For some reason I was holding my breath to hear it come out of his mouth. It is real now. It is OVER now. I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up Tamoxifen and will see Dr. Amazing one more time in 6 weeks just to make sure I am not having any strange side effects but my life is almost completely back to normal (new normal that is). One itty bitty surgery to go and I can get back to life.

One more note. My dear, sweet, amazing Liz. My angel and soul sister. I would not be here telling this great story if it were not for you. You guided me to all the right paths and held my hand the entire way. Thank you my friend!


joy said...

woo hoo! such amazing news to see the amazing miracle of you walking around. what a testimony you are and have been along this difficult journey. God was truly glorified through you, Kris.

Ang said...

That is absolutely, positively awesome! Congratulations!!

Sally said...

Oh, I'm so happy. SO happy, and so relieved. I feel like I can finally take a deep breath right there with you!!! Cancer Free Friday has indeed become Cancer Free Everyday and it's just amazing and awesome and yes, total bliss. I can only imagine the smiles spread on your family's faces and all your friends'. I'm glad you gave Dr. Amazing a lot of hugs - one from each one of us cheering you on from near and far. Thank you, amazing doctors, amazing Liz, and you, amazing Kristin, for showing that cancer the door. I can't tell you how relieved and happy I am to hear this news. Finally - tears of joy.

swest335 said...

SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You are one amazing chic!!! Thank you Kristin for allowing me to be part of your journey! Go out and celebrate!!!!!