Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pay it forward

I heard someone say the other day "the words 'thank you' just are not enough for what I feel inside". This is exactly how I feel. I feel in debt to all of you - my family, friends, doctors, nurses and everyone who has prayed for me or encouraged me in some way and they don't even know me. How could I possibly re-pay all of you? I can't. I hope I will be there if you are in need and if you are ever faced with a challenge I will be right there with you but this may never happen. All I can do is promise that I will pay if forward every time there is an opportunity. Being on the receiving end of such grace and love has been an amazing experience but now it is time for me to be on the giving end. The scale is out of balance and I want it to start tipping the other way.

You are all in my daily prayers. You have shown me the power of prayer and you can count me in as someone who will be praying for you. I pray that you feel the love that I have felt. I pray that every moment of your life is filled with gratitude and growth and friendship. Thank you is not enough but your compassion will extend far beyond what you can see.


Theres just life said...

Sweety, you have already started to pay it forward. I can't speak for the others but reading how you have handled your struggle, has put my own heart and financial problems into prospective. And got me moving forward again. You gave me the strength to continue with my own blog and not give up on my dreams. Thank you for having the courage to write about you and your families struggle.

swest335 said...

K- you have already helped me in so many ways. I honestly appreciate my life so much more, I love my kids and husband deeper all because of you! I have also realized I have no time in my life for people who do not appreciate what they have. Thank you Kristin for opening my eyes just a little wider!