Thursday, July 29, 2010


Someone recently referenced that Claritin commercial where everything looks a bit fuzzy and then the film is lifted and everything becomes clear. It reminds me of my little cancer journey. Everything became very clear - what was important and what was not. I can feel, on certain days, slipping back into the petty and unimportant. Hard habits are hard to break I guess. 40 years of worrying about silly things and concentrating on daily tasks wont go away easily. I feel like I am constantly trying to maintain that clarity of knowing what really matters. What came so easily for a short time will take much effort to hold on to. I must remember to not let life get in the way of living.

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D said...

so true, kristin, SO TRUE! i have a close high school girlfriend right now starting chemo and it really puts so many things into perspective! and yet, how quickly i forget and start getting petty again! we all need those reminders! thx for being that reminder for me today! :)