Sunday, July 25, 2010

Growing up

This is our increasingly aging son eating his breakfast before heading off this morning for a week with friends on a vacation. I see a glimmer of things to come and I don't like it. I love having him in my little nest and it is hard to let him go. He will be heading off to Jr. High this year and I know that will bring the first taste of real freedom. The leash will have to get a bit longer. Even though he is only a head shorter than me and I can no longer pick him up he is still a little boy in my mind. I am resistant to see him turn into a man. I have had it easy the last few years. The kids are out of diapers and independent but still think I am smart and fun. I know I am heading into uncharted waters here soon and I hope we have prepared ourselves enough to weather the storm of teenage adolescence. Have fun on your trip my sweet little boy - er, I mean - have fun hangin' with your buddies. Yikes, I don't know how to do this!


Theres just life said...

I know what you mean about the teen years. I went from no kids to a teenage son overnight. Talk about culture shock. I'm sure you will do fine. The hardest part is letting them make their own mistakes.

Sally said...

I'm just glad you're a couple years ahead of me on this little adventure. :-) Look at that face though... has there ever been a sweeter boy? You did your job well so far - he's got a great foundation to build on.

Matt Decell said...
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Matt Decell said...

My wife and I raised 3 wonderful boys and watched them all grow into their own person. They are all wonderful, caring, tolerant, intelligent men (youngest nearly 21, then 24, and 28). It was a great experience. You will have bumps in the road no doubt but you will be just fine. There was a time when I was butting heads with my middle son when someone gave me the best advice I've ever received. Everyone has heard this advice but few really follow it.
Don't sweat the small stuff and choose your "fights" wisely. In life we argue over so many trivial things that we forget to appreciate the wonders of life.
Stupid I know but it helped me see things clearly.

PhoenixeD said...
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PhoenixeD said...

Accidentally (coincidentally) bumped into your blog.

I can so relate to your take on this growing up "pains" at our end as parents.

I know pain is forthcoming, but that's parenthood. Its for us to put into their minds the values that we hold, its for them to put these things into life. We can only go so far. Eventually they will have their own.

I know you know what I mean, every parent knows what I mean, but still the fear will always be there. The "letting go" of our "baby" will be tough, but only in doing so will they grow to be better persons that we want them to be. Remember "Finding Nemo"? , Marlin had to let go. So do we.

God bless you.