Monday, July 19, 2010


You stand there waiting. Waiting to start. You hear them say "take your mark" and you prepare yourself. You see it ahead of you - big, solid, ominous. The sound rings in your ears and before you know it you are off. Running straight at this wall. Your feet taking you as fast as they will go towards what your mind thinks is certain pain. You must fight every urge to stop or go around - instead you leap. With all your might you jump - you fly. With any luck you clear the hurdle unscathed but there is a good chance a mark will be left. A nick here - a bruise there. And then you land. Your feet continue to move but you take inventory - any pain? Did I make it? Did I knock it down? Once you have the answer the hurdle is forgotten and you are on to the next. This time more confident. Comfortable in your stride. Convinced that this one will be easier. You are not afraid. Somewhere ahead of you, far beyond your gaze is the finish line.

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Theres just life said...

Kristen I love the story. We all have our own personal hurdles that we most clear. With help we can clear them all.