Monday, August 9, 2010

Music to my ears

About 3 weeks ago Julia was asked to join a local youth rock band. They were in a bind because their female vocalist left, their lead vocalist was on vacation and they had a few gigs already lined up. With some cajoling we convinced her to give it a try. She attended long practices and in 3 weeks learned 12 songs she had never heard before. Julia is a country girl and this was a rock band. This music was very unfamiliar to her. She learned songs like "Old Time Rock and Roll", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Rockin Robin", and an Ozzy Osbourne song "Crazy Train". Yesterday they performed for the first time with Julia as their lead singer at the local Chili Cook off. They were a marvelous hit! I am proud she stuck with it even though there were a few times she wanted to quit after practicing for hours. They are still a bit rough around the edges but I think in time they will be very polished. She will perform again this Friday at a local Deli and I will be sitting back with a smile on my face because she is happy.

I also have a hair update - coming along! It seems to be very similar to my pre-chemo hair and I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting very curly hair of a different color but this hair is straight and ashy blond (my base color before Todd works his magic on it). I am going to schedule an appointment with him in early October and trot around town without a hat as my birthday present to myself :)


Matt Decell said...

That's so cool! I hope she has a blast.
Pretty cool about the hair thing too!
What are the dates for the Cancer Walk?

Sally said...

Your hair is amazing!!!! How is it growing in so evenly? You almost look like Sinead already - not much longer before that pixie cut is a FACT! I saw a woman here going hatless too but hers was much more patchy and wispy looking. Yours just looks like normal, healthy hair. Amazing! I'm so excited for you!!! That's fantastic about Julia too - I've been wondering how that was going. :-)

Theres just life said...

Tell your daughter congratulations, from one who has a professional musician in the house. Everyone starts at the same place, and it is hard work that makes the difference.
The hair is lookin' good. I very glad for both of you.