Monday, August 23, 2010


So I had this idea (that I ran by Liz) that I wanted to teach fitness classes to the doctors and nurses and staff where I received all of my treatment. I thought it must be so hard coming into that job every day and dealing with people like me. Lots of stress. I imagined that they must feel so busy that they probably just run home after work and never get that wonderful release that comes from exercise. Liz scheduled a meeting with with the powers that be and today was that meeting. We discussed different possibilities of when and where. The funny thing though is that they thought that if I mentioned the word "exercise" people would not come. I should use words like "relaxation" and "rejuvenation". I may start them out that way with some light yoga and breathing but once they are hooked I am going to kick it into gear a bit. Fortunately Liz is the only one in that office that reads this blog and I know she wont tattle on me.

I hope it works out. I would love to pay a little of what I received back.


Sally said...

Fantastic! I'm glad you'll have the chance to do this. I'm not surprised that's a no-no word. It's scary. And sweating on your lunch hour never sounds like much fun. I'm sure you'll have jam-packed classes in no time!

joy said...

You are a gifted teacher and they will be lucky to have you!

swest335 said...

Only you would be so amazing to think of giving back to these wonderful people. You are so very special!