Thursday, June 10, 2010

God's Gift

Today I was at my son's school and I was talking to the principal. She asked how I was doing and said I looked "great" - she then said "it must be because of him" and put her hand on Jack's shoulder. And it is because of him. Because of both of my children. They are the light of my life and the most precious gift God could ever bestow upon me. They have kept me going and have put a smile on my face every day. They have had to endure things children their age should not have to endure but they persevere. There have been times when I was frustrated with my own issues and have taken it out on them with a raised voice or impatience and still they lift me up. They show me something new each and every day. God gave us these two amazing children. Not just any children, these specific children chosen just for us. I asked it the day they were born and I still ask it today... what did we do to deserve such an extravagant, rich, beautiful and amazing gift?

I love you my sweet babies. My heart aches at how much I love you. I can not imagine a world without you. You are precious gifts from God, perfect in every way. He has so many big plans for you - so many exciting and new adventures and I know you will embrace all of them. I am sorry the last few months have been hard on you - but both of you have handled it with such grace and courage - supporting each other along the way. The road may not be easy my beautiful babes but the journey is well worth it. I know you will continue to bring happiness to everyone around you and show your love through example. You are now, and always will be, in my heart. And I will always be in yours. Nothing can ever separate us - we are bound by love.

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joy said...

such a beautifully expressed sentiment, kris.