Monday, June 7, 2010

Look ma, no arms!

I spoke with someone today ( the woman making my chai at Starbucks ) who had breast cancer 4 years ago. She had a mastectomy on one side with the simple reconstruction (not my complicated one). She informed me that for about 2 weeks she really could not use her arm at all. She needed help to sit down, roll over, everything. Hmmm. I am hoping that I am not that bad but perhaps I should prepare myself for that kind of experience.

It is funny how perspective just keeps changing. When John and I went to the pre-op appointment at the plastic surgeons office we both recognized what a different experience it was from the first time we went there. I would guess it is the same with surgery. Once you go through it you sort of know what to expect. A friend of mines father recently had his second knee replacement and this time he seemed very relaxed about it. He didn't have the anxiety he had with the first one. I hope after this surgery I can pass on that it was no big deal - or at least after the fog clears I wont remember that it was a big deal :)

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SLK said...

Hi there! Thinking of you... enjoyed catching up. Glad you're still writing... I'm admiring your strength, too.