Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goodbye muffin top, goodbye cancer

I am sure most of you already know what "muffin tops" are (and no they are not the part of the muffin you pick off and eat first). The funny thing is that John had never heard that expression until a couple of weeks ago. The ironic thing is that up until the past few months I had never really had muffin tops (yes, I know you all feel so sorry for me). It is a strange and uncomfortable feeling to have this extra jiggle around the middle that I have no control over. John has now lovingly given me the new nickname "muffintops" simply because it makes him giggle (and me too to be honest with you). Sorry to say honey, but that nickname is NOT going to stick. Enjoy it while it lasts cause eventually this muffin will not have a top.

I decided to head back to my teaching roots today and did a BodyCombat DVD. Whoa mama - boy did I LOVE it! Talk about kicking cancers a$$! Those jabs and uppercuts felt so good. I just pictured those little ba$tards exploding with every punch (hmm, I must be feeling slightly aggressive - sorry for the turrets ). That and my Superfood fruit juice this morning and I think I could conquer the world today.


joy said...

ha ha--of course you wouldn't know what a muffin top is. i ALWAYS have one. even at my thinnest.

julie pickett said...

Kristin, where did you get that picture of me? Not very nice posting it, now everyone can see my muffin top. ;-)