Sunday, June 6, 2010


Surgery is one week away and I wanted to give you my two cents on visiting. I don't know where we all got this idea that visiting people in the hospital is a good thing. I would normally be one of the first people to visit someone in the hospital if I heard they were there. That is what you are suppose to do right? Why? This didn't occur to me until I was faced with thinking about my own experience in the hospital. All I want to do when I am there is rest and recover. It is not that I don't want to see your smiling happy faces - I do - just not in the hospital where I haven't bathed and am on massive amounts of pain meds. Maybe some people really love having visitors. Maybe some people enjoy the time they get to spend with loved ones. Well, let me tell you. I love you all but I will make all the time in the world to see you AFTER I am out of the hospital and feeling better and can actually enjoy your company. Besides, the last thing I want is to have some YouTube video of me spouting nonsense in my drug induced fairy tale - put your video cameras away.

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swest335 said...

I hope everyone respects your request, I would feel the exact same way. If there is anything you need from a distance I am here. Of course you are always in our prayers with extra ones over the next week. Take care Kristin.