Monday, June 14, 2010

surgery day

This is John Kristin's husband. Kristin's surgery went well today and she is sleeping in her hospital bed. She was out of surgery by about 6 pm and in her room and talking by 7.

Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers today we felt them and were blessed by them.


Jodilee said...

Great news, Well Done.Keep going you're winning :)

Matt Decell said...

Fantastic! Wish her my best.

swest335 said...

Thanks John for the update. We are thinking of you, the kids and Kristin. Praying for a quick and easy recovery.

Sally said...

Thanks, John. I'm praying the next few days are good ones.

"effervescencia" said...

yayyyyy :)
so relieved, kept checking 'cause didn't know what time zone you guys live in... it's GMT+0530 here.

Kim Safina said...

Beautiful Kristin ~

I have kept you in my daily prayers!!!

With blessings & love,
Kim & Dave Safina

Lil Me said...

You Go Kristin!!! Lots of rest and lots of fluids!!

Prayers for you a plenty!!

Sending Love and a Calm Heart!!!