Friday, September 24, 2010

8 week count down!

Holy cracker box! I only have 8 weeks to get my bootie in shape for this walk - yikes! I also have 2 weeks to get in shape to start teaching again. I am a little freaked out about being on the mic again. I have this fear that I wont know what to say and get stage fright (hard to imagine I know). I hope it is like riding a bike because 9 months is a long time to take a break from anything. I think "rusty" wont even begin to describe my first few times out.

I have developed a habit of making baked goods to bring to my doctors appointments. I guess it was something I could do to take up the time I would have been working out. Dr. Miracle thought I was just doing it to make everyone else fat while I wasn't working out..... maybe subliminally I was. Oops? Even so I am now well equipped to have a hardy supply of sweets to sell at our next bake sale fundraiser!

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