Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here it is. October. I can't believe it starts tomorrow - where did the summer go? My goal this month is to try and dispel fear surrounding breast cancer. I had several "scares" before the real deal turned my life upside down and I would imagine most women will, at some time in their life, have to face the unknown when a lump or abnormality is found. Our diagnostic tools are getting so good and they are finding so much more than they used to.

It is from the time that someone tells you there "might" be "something" there until the time you find out what it is that makes you a bit crazy. Questions swirl around in your head. What would I do?

The fact is you would just do what needs to be done. Your survival mode kicks into high gear and you just do it. Sometimes I wish I could summon that attitude at will - treat every side of my life with the same passion that I had to kick cancers butt. It is quite an amazing thing to realize how strong you can be.

So don't worry about it. Don't wallow in fear. Just do your self breast exams, get your mammograms and move on. If that bridge comes - you will cross it - and the other side might just look a little prettier.


joy said...

Thanks for the reminders about self-exams. I always forget to do those. Love you, Kris!

Theres just life said...

You my dear are an inspiration to us all. I love your attitude and your generosity in sharing your life and battle with us all.