Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been sporting the "biker babe" hair lately and going without a hat. Yes my hair is perhaps 2 centimeters long but I really don't care anymore. I haven't colored it or anything yet but warm weather was enough to help me let go of my "security hat" and venture out.

This past weekend we went to Julia's talent show and a local BBQ where we saw many people we knew. Some of them have not seen me in a long time and it was fun to see their faces. The more people I talk to the more I hear that this year has been rough on many, many people. People are facing challenges they have never seen before. A look of relief was on those faces as they saw that I was OK. My hair growing back - color in my skin - mostly looking healthy. If she is OK than I will be OK too.

As we head around the bend towards 2011 I am encouraged that we will see changes for the good - remarkable changes. I am already planning my New Year's Eve bash to send 2010 packing and never look back.

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