Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miracle worker

Surgery went GREAT yesterday! We got a late start but Dr. Miracle finished in record time. I woke up with a pretty little granny bra on with gauze underneath that so I am not exactly sure what they look like yet but from what I can tell they are beautiful. Much softer than the expanders and I finally slept last night on my side and didn't feel like there was an egg underneath my arm. From what I can tell they look pretty natural. I have two drains in but they should come out next week. I will have to write later after I see the final product but I think Dr. Miracle should sign his name on his masterpiece. :) Grateful and amazed!


Theres just life said...

So happy for you.

swest335 said...

Kristin so happy all went well. I have been thinking and praying that all would go well. You are amazing!