Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My home is on fire

From the time I was born until I was ten years old I lived in a very rustic cabin in the hills above Boulder, Colorado. It was called Sunshine Canyon. It was a very magical time in my life where imagination ran my days - playing with my sisters outside in hills covered with wild flowers and trees. We had goats and a pony and we saw deer almost daily.

Two days ago a large fire started and now over 90 homes have burned. The smoke has covered the city of Boulder with ash and soot. The sky is orange and everyone's eyes are burning. It is 0% contained and threatens many more homes - some of which I know the owners.

My "cabin" has long been gone - torn down to be rebuilt as a large custom home - but my memories make me sad to think of those hills in flames. Please say a prayer for those people who have lost their houses and for the firefighters who can hopefully get a handle on this situation quickly.

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joy said...

fire is scary. i am so sorry for the people who lost their homes or for those in danger of losing their homes. and, i'm thankful for the firefighters.