Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yes we snuck away. We have been in Los Cabos, Mexico for the last week celebrating being cancer-free! It was a dream vacation in all respects - endless amazing food and drinks - miles of white sandy beaches - horseback riding - baby turtles. I was with my two beautiful children and my sexy (can you say Marlboro Man?) husband. Dream come true.

You may have caught me dancing on the news tonight - KSBY did a spot on our gym and the Susan G Komen fundraising we are doing. If you are around next Friday come join me for a super fun dance party at the club!


Sally said...

You look amazing! What a great vacation, and I can't believe you got lucky enough to get baby turtles TWICE!!! You all look so happy and your hair is awesome!!! Truly something wonderful to celebrate. I'm going to try to find a news clip of you dancing now. :-)

joy said...

You're home! I love the pictures--you all look amazing.

Stu and Janie said...

We saw you on the 5 pm news and again on the 6 pm news. You looked fabulous! We are so glad that the Mexico trip was a wonderful time. I am very happy that I got to meet you a couple of weeks ago. You have been an inspiration for Marni. Thanks.


swest335 said...

You and your family truly deserved that vacation!! You all look wonderful what a gorgeous family! I am so happy that you are feeling and doing so well! You continue to amaze me!!!

Matt Decell said...

I love the new blog look. Kind of like turning the page and moving on with life. Your demonstration of strength and positive attitude have not only been a great inspiration but I use your journey as an example for people in my life who are in need of inspiration.
BTW, I like the short hair. It looks awesome.